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xmad_stalinx's Journal

Mad Stalin
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Welcome to xmad_stalinx

This community was created to escape the harsh flaming and constant annoyance of elistest communities. Face it. We've all been there. One of those places where anything you say gets horrendously mocked/shot down, an elist at every corner screaming out obsenities about how fangirls are so fxxcking stupid. Yeah we know. >_> If you've been there and hated it then this community is for you. If you're proud to be a fangirl this community is for you. We do have a few rules though, as all good places must.

Absolutely, positively NO flaming. If you don't like the post then either a) do not reply to it or b) state your mind without being rude. (ie: I don't agree with this because..." or something along those lines alright? Mumble about how stupid it is in the privacy of your own home but remember this place was created so fans could have a place to talk without getting into flame wars. Please remember this rule. If we see ANY flaming You will be blacklisted and no longer allowed in to this community. If there is a post that is offensive to the band/fans or what have you we will remove it. But leave that to the mods. PLEASE.

What kind of posts are allowed?
*General discussions about the band
* fanart (any rating)is allowed, but please put all images behind a cut, espeically if they're suggestive or pornographic.
* cosplay
* Fanfics are allowed (any rating) only please put them behind a cut and please list the title, author, RATING, pairings and a short summary of the plot.
* humor posts
* In general most anything is allowed as long as it is not offensive to the band. Alright? We good?

Oh yeah...forgot a rule Please No Rumors! At all. The majority of them are stupid and do not even deserve to be acknowledged.

We're cool now right? Okay! Then please join and have a good time! Thank you.