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Frickin' finally.

Nice to have a place where certain topics can be effing appreciated. So, as I was saying...

Okay, something that's somewhat taboo to discuss around here: band yaoi. I know, I know, blasphemic for even mentioning the topic, but what if, oh let's say Kyo, was doing things to himself? Say there were two of him? I was wondering what the fanbase opinions were on that? Just as wrong as if he were laying Die? Or not quite so bad since it's like masturbation? Just curious... Oh, and I'm not open to flames about what I've mentioned, if you don't like it, simply state that and move along, please don't jump down my thoat because I like the things that I do. Kthxbai! *skips away*

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, refer to the kyoxwaru journal for more information.

Wow. Felt good to actually know this won't be rejected by a power tripping tyrant at a certain community which shall remain nameless moderator. *shifty eyes* Name's Bri and I am a Dir en grey addict.
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What's wrong with a little self-indulgance? XD

Personally I could see how someone would take more offence to actual slashing of bandmembers rather than a masturbation/self love thing. I'm actually writing a fiction about self-love myself right now. It doesn't involve Kyo, rather Die, but it's exactly the same thing.

However, I myself don't have a problem with it at all. I'm actually quite interested having peeked over the journal a bit.

Hope my contribution helped....somehow... ._.'
It has actually, thank you for the comment.
To me, anyway, Kyo is the most slashable with himself, and yet at the same time, he is completely compatable with Kaoru and Toshiya, maybe even Die. He's quite versatile in both his attitude onstage and offstage, and his sexuality. And that's the best way for him to be -squishes Kyo-
I aboslutely adore the entire KyoxKyo/KyoxWaru idea and personally I can see no problem with it. I have read quite a few of the posted fictions and in my eyes they were some of the hottest that I have read as of yet.

At the end of the day, they may be J-Rockers - but surely they must have masturbated at some point in their lives? They are human after all.

No, I say if you prefer to write KyoxKyo/KyoxWaru ypu go for it. People need to open their eyes to the wider picture and see that self-love is not a sin or degrading etc.

That was pointless and made no sense...
I've actually read some of what's at kyoxwaru journal and loved it. I have no problem with yaoi of any kind (except maybe rape ones, those are just disturbing sometimes) especially if it's involving Kyo. I tend to like reading him with just about anyone, it's always yummy ^__^

I don't know. I think in the public eye it wouldn't be quite the same thing as a slash pairing...since it is himself, but at the same time it's still "yaoi" in SOME cases. I mean like with KyoxWaru it is technically, ven though waru isn't a "real person" in the traditional sense. The kyoxkyo solo I think would be handled with more care, but at the same time you have those people out there that thing any kind of fanfiction (especially hentai) is offensive to the band. I really don't see how this is true unless author's are stating it is infact real and they do fuck each other's brains out every night or something. Which to our knowledge is untrue and that would be nasty rumor spreading. But the case is authors almost always put disclaimers on their fiction stating that it is untrue and it's just a work of entertainment. Therefore in my opinion I don't think it's offensive at all. Maybe to people who can't handle some good KyoxKyo or KyoxOther member action, but GOD that's their loss ne? Some of those are too damned hot ::drools::
Awww! Bri arrived with her famous KyoxWaru pairing! It's about time!!! Some people just are so closed minded and we ourselves don't even know if the boys themselves have thought about being with each other that we have no right to judge so quickly on if it's right or wrong to write and read yaoi. If the boys tell us personally,"Stop reading that. It's wrong." then we can,but until then! The people who think they are high and mighty when we know we love yaoi and we respect the band can go fuck themselves because they know nothing.

Oh and we'll have to continue our little story and maybe post it here too. =3
Psha, two Kyos is ALWAYS better than one. And if you want to have them making out in a public restroom a la Enrique Eglasias, just make sure one of them is not secretly a blonde tennis player. ::nods sagely::
Otherwise, I can see no problem with it! If there is a homophobe (doubtful, hopefully) in our midst, or some one that is not only not comfy with same-sex action, but same-person action, that's what el jay cuts are for. Holla to that. If they read it anyway, it's their problem. I'll mail them to Uzbekistan and ride to meet them atop my mighty, llama steed. Yay. So go ahead, plzkthx.
Hmmm, I guess the kind of people who bitch about band yaoi in the first place might be even more offended at the idea of KyoxWaru, just because you have the audacity to create a second Kyo and then dare to make him screw himself. Of course most people who love flaming on subjects like this don't seem to have any grasp on the meaning of the word "fiction".
Kyo solo is a delicious thought and totally believable, KyoxWaru is a unique concept, and in my opinion only works because it is Kyo and because it's so well written and with so much feeling/emotion. If it were DiexDie or KaoruxKaoru I don't think it would work at all and I for one would not find it interesting.
Kyoxwaru is the best fic ever. I agree that it wouldn't work as well if it were any of the other memebers, but two Kyo's is hot love! It's yaoi fiction and fiction is just that. If people don't like it then... (you know what's coming next!!) there's a little "x" at the top of the screen. I can't wait for the next chapter of kyoxwaru, keep it coming (no pun intended!)