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Frickin' finally.

Nice to have a place where certain topics can be effing appreciated. So, as I was saying...

Okay, something that's somewhat taboo to discuss around here: band yaoi. I know, I know, blasphemic for even mentioning the topic, but what if, oh let's say Kyo, was doing things to himself? Say there were two of him? I was wondering what the fanbase opinions were on that? Just as wrong as if he were laying Die? Or not quite so bad since it's like masturbation? Just curious... Oh, and I'm not open to flames about what I've mentioned, if you don't like it, simply state that and move along, please don't jump down my thoat because I like the things that I do. Kthxbai! *skips away*

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, refer to the kyoxwaru journal for more information.

Wow. Felt good to actually know this won't be rejected by a power tripping tyrant at a certain community which shall remain nameless moderator. *shifty eyes* Name's Bri and I am a Dir en grey addict.
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